What Does ICER Do?


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Addressing Misconceptions about our Work:

ICER’s history, mission, and methods demystified; important role of patients reemphasized


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"Why we are here today" - Dr. Pearson underscores the moral vision of the Midwest CEPAC


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Reflections on ICER’s Process

Clinical experts, patients and others comment on a recent ICER public meeting


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Value Assessment Framework Explained

Watch a webcast replay presenting the ICER framework and download the slides


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current topics

Browse the topics of ICER’s upcoming reports, and find information and materials from ICER’s past reports and meetings.


current meetings

Register to attend an upcoming meeting of one of ICER’s three core programs:
Midwest CEPAC
New England CEPAC


reports & materials

Read all of ICER’s reports and other materials, including presentations, meeting summaries, and action guides.



Read about ICER’s methods, including principles of health technology assessment, topic selection criteria, evidence rating matrix, and value assessment framework.

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Find out when and how to get involved with ICER’s reports and meetings. This section details ICER’s processes for producing reports and highlights how stakeholders can participate in the report development process.

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Review ICER’s internal policies and guidelines for interactions with external partners and collaborators.

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