ICER Releases Evidence Report on Treatments for Sickle Cell Disease

- Three new treatments use different mechanisms to improve patient outcomes, offering important options for patients; even under favorable modeling assumptions, however, and benefitting from new data from patients and a curated real-world evidence database, the list prices set for crizanlizumab and voxelotor appear too high to align fairly with clinical benefits -

- Policymakers will need to consider the broader clinical and social context when translating evidence into pricing and coverage, a task of special importance given that these interventions are the first in several decades to advance care for patients in a community that has been historically disadvantaged in many ways -

- Due to COVID-19 concerns, the New England CEPAC’s deliberation over the treatments’ clinical efficacy, contextual considerations, and value for money will now occur via live webcast on March 26 -

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ICER Issues Final Report and Policy Recommendations on Acute Treatments for Migraine

-- Evidence on new agents lasmiditan, ubrogepant, and rimegepant judged inadequate to demonstrate superiority over more affordable triptans --

-- Policy discussion focuses on important role of these new agents for patients not eligible for triptans or who do not receive adequate relief after trying several different triptans --

-- Further analysis of data provided by Allergan leads to updated economic model results and improved cost-effectiveness findings for the “gepant” class of migraine treatments --

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