ICER Publishes Evidence Report on Therapies for Hemophilia A

-- Emicizumab assessed as providing comparable or better clinical benefits when compared to common current dosing levels of prophylactic factor VIII; it is also cost-saving but only because factor VIII prices are extremely high and have not moderated with competition --

-- Review of valoctocogene roxaparvovec based on data available prior to FDA decision to request longer-term outcomes; preliminary analyses suggest that at a price of $2.5 million, valoctocogene roxaparvovec would also be cost-saving compared to the high costs of current factor VIII dosing levels; next week, ICER will add to this report supplementary analyses exploring scenarios where single-time therapies could be priced lower to share a portion of these savings with the health system --

-- Expert roundtable will discuss implications of comparative effectiveness, non-clinical benefits, and long-term economic value at October 30 virtual New England CEPAC meeting --

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ICER Publishes Final Report and Policy Recommendations for Targeted Immune Modulator Therapies for Ulcerative Colitis

-- Independent appraisal committee votes that evidence is adequate to demonstrate clinical superiority of vedolizumab over adalimumab --

-- Due to competition introduced with biosimilars, the price for infliximab has dropped substantially in recent years; although prices are still marginally above traditional cost-effectiveness thresholds, the majority of independent appraisal committee members votes that infliximab and its biosimilars represent “intermediate” long-term value for money given their impact on patient benefits beyond health, such as improved work and educational opportunities --

-- Recommendations arising from policy roundtable discussion highlight the need for structural changes to achieve lower drug prices that align with patient benefit, call for insurance benefits that eliminate financial pressure on patients to choose surgical treatment over medications, and delineate the requirements needed for appropriate design of step therapy and medication switching coverage policies --

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In Landmark International Program, HTA Agencies Around the World Access ICER’s Customizable COVID-19 Cost-Effectiveness Model

-- Leveraging ICER’s new cloud-based Interactive Modeler platform, Quebec’s HTA agency has used the COVID-19 model to inform Ministerial recommendations on remdesivir; other HTA agencies and research groups in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and South Africa plan to access the model --

-- ICER’s COVID-19 model now available to all interested international HTA groups at no charge --

-- In November, ICER will launch this new platform with additional ICER models for use by US payers, life science companies, and other stakeholders --

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ICER Publishes White Paper on Cornerstones for Fair Patient Access to Prescription Drugs, Launches Annual Assessment of US Payer Policies

-- Informed by expert input from patient groups, clinician specialty societies, payers, and life science companies, white paper provides recommendations for appropriate design and implementation of policies that determine patient access to prescription drugs --

-- ICER has formed a multi-stakeholder Working Group to help guide assessment of major payer policies; by mid-2021, ICER will publish first annual report on how those policies align with fair access criteria --

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ICER Issues Final Report and Policy Recommendations on Treatments for Cystic Fibrosis

-- Independent appraisal committee unanimously concludes that Trikafta delivers substantial benefits for patients, family members, and society --

-- Nonetheless, analyses suggest that the price set by the manufacturer would need to be deeply discounted to align fairly with these benefits and ensure that they are not outweighed by the negative health effects for others resulting from increasing health care costs --

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