ICER’s approach to reviewing evidence and assessing value is grounded in the core principles of multi-stakeholder engagement and transparency.

How we do our work
ICER’s methods for development of its work, including principles of health technology assessment, topic selection criteria, topic suggestion, evidence rating matrix, and value assessment framework.

ICER recently updated its value assessment framework. The proposed changes, developed with input from a variety of stakeholders, are now available and open to further public comment. For more information, read our recent press release.

Patient, Manufacturer, and Other Stakeholder Engagement
Processes and timelines for producing reports and holding public meetings, and highlights points at which stakeholders are able to offer input into the report development process.

ICER’s recently released Patient Participation Guide, as well as an updated Manufacturer Engagement Guide, are currently open to public comment until April 3, 2017. All comments can be emailed to

Policies that Guide our Work
Policies that apply to ICER’s employees, collaborators, members of voting bodies, and meeting participants.