ICER Value Assessment Framework


The ICER value framework describes the conceptual framework and set of associated methods that guide the development of ICER evidence reports.  The purpose of the value framework is to form the backbone of rigorous, transparent evidence reports that, as a basis for broader stakeholder and public engagement, will help the United States evolve toward a health care system that provides sustainable access to high-value care for all patients.

The initial framework was developed with input from a multi-stakeholder workgroup that included the perspective of patient advocates, clinical societies, life sciences companies, pharmaceutical benefit managers, and insurers.  All participants provided input into the development of the value assessment framework but none should be assumed to approve of its approach.

Value Framework Update

In 2016, ICER’s existing value framework was opened to public comment as part of a planned update to ICER’s methods. During the public comment period, ICER received over 50 sets of comments from patients, clinicians, life science companies, and other stakeholders. In addition, ICER convened a one-day meeting with over 40 health care stakeholders to review the current Value Assessment Framework.

Based on feedback received during the public comment period and at the stakeholder meeting, ICER has published a set of proposed changes to the Value Assessment Framework. A separate document outlining ICER’s response to specific comments received will be available at a later date. The proposed updates were open to further public comment until April 3, 2017.

Due to the volume and comprehensiveness of the comments and suggestions received on the proposed changes, the updated framework is now slated to be posted tentatively on May 5, 2017 allowing ample time for full consideration and finalization.


For those interested in a detailed explanation of the proposed updates to ICER’s Value Assessment Framework, watch a recording of Dr. Steven Pearson’s webinar detailing the changes here.

Download the slide presentation from the webinar here.