Topic Selection

When determining which prescription drugs or other health care interventions to assess, ICER focuses on topics where our reports can be most actionable in helping all participants in the health system interpret the evidence on the comparative effectiveness and value of different care options and help translate that evidence into policy and practice. Following a process that includes internal horizon scanning, public input, and suggestions from the broad range of stakeholders who compose the Advisory Boards of our independent appraisal committees, ICER prioritizes potential topics that:

  • Represent important new treatments or other interventions that offer significant potential for improved patient outcomes, such as drugs with new mechanisms of action or delivery system innovations that could change the paradigm of care for many patients
  • Are likely to raise new questions about the comparative clinical effectiveness of similar treatments
  • Have the potential for significant financial impact on patients and the health system, either by the costs of the intervention itself or by setting a pricing precedent that may affect many other treatments
  • That present new opportunities to improve health outcomes and/or health system value through specific clinical or policy actions by payers, physicians, patients and policymakers
  • Are particularly relevant to the public due to prevalence, severity, disparities, and cost
  • Are likely to receive FDA approval within 1 year [emerging drug or device therapies only]
  • Examine potentially overused or underused treatments or tests
  • Address wide variation in approaches to delivery system design and/or financing
  • Involve vulnerable populations with the potential to reduce health disparities
  • May leverage current health reform initiatives

After selecting a report topic, ICER assigns the report to a public meeting of one of its three independent appraisal committees (CTAF, Midwest CEPAC, and New England CEPAC). Decisions regarding which committee reviews each report are based largely on the timing of meetings, so that the evidence review will be completed at a time when it will be most useful to the public (e.g., near FDA approval of a new medicine). [wpanchor id=”Suggest”]

Suggest a Topic

ICER is always accepting suggestions for new topics to consider in future reports. Use the form below to suggest a topic.