Topic Selection

ICER reviews a variety of topics including drugs, devices, procedures, and delivery system innovations. ICER considers a variety of factors in selecting a topic and works closely with the CTAF, Midwest CEPAC, and New England CEPAC Advisory Boards to evaluate the potential topics for review. Each year, ICER hosts a total of nine public meetings divided evenly among the three programs. Meeting topics may address emerging drug therapies, specific clinical interventions, procedures, or broader health system topics. The list of topics for meetings will be drawn from ICER horizon scans of new and emerging therapies, conversations with stakeholders, and suggestions submitted from the public.

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The following criteria are used to guide the decision-making process:

  • Projected timing of FDA approval within 1 year [emerging drug therapies only]
  • Predicted likelihood of FDA approval [emerging drug therapies only]
  • Projected significant budget impact
  • Timely by virtue of health policy landscape and stakeholder priorities
  • Substantial opportunity to improve health outcomes by applying best evidence or potential for significant public health/ health system impact
  • Increasing significance to the public by virtue of prevalence, severity, disparities, and cost
  • Emerging treatments with potentially large eligible patient populations, especially when less expensive alternatives are available
  • Topics for which a review of evidence suggests specific actions for payers, physicians, patients, and policymakers and is likely to improve clinical practice and/or policy
  • Topics addressing potentially overused or underused tests with substantial uncertainty over appropriate use
  • Topics for which there is wide variation in approaches to delivery system design and/or financing, with substantial uncertainty over standards and best practices
  • Topics involving vulnerable populations with the potential to reduce health disparities
  • Topics that may leverage current health reform initiatives

Suggest a Topic

ICER is always accepting suggestions for new topics to consider in future reports. Use the form below to suggest a topic.