Austin Frakt, PhD

New England CEPAC Members

Dr. Frakt is a health economist with the Department of Veterans Affairs and associate professor with Boston University’s School of Medicine and School of Public Health. His research interests include the interaction between economics and health care policy, with a focus on patient choice, insurer decision-making and their relations to health and market outcomes.  Dr. Frakt has conducted research studies funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. His work has been published in Health Affairs, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, Health Economics, Health Services Research, Inquiry, the New England Journal of Medicine, theJournal of the American Medical Association, and the Milbank Quarterly. In addition to peer-reviewed literature, Dr. Frakt is a contributor to The New York Times and founded and co-manages the popular economics and health policy blog The Incidental Economist.  Dr. Frakt received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in statistical and applied mathematics. He also received a master’s degree from MIT, and his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Applied and Engineering Physics.