Christopher Jones, PhD

New England CEPAC Members

Network Director, Venture Investments | University of Vermont Health Network

A native of New England, Chris Jones brings unique expertise to CEPAC. As network director of venture investments for the University of Vermont Health Network, his focus is on identifying new innovations and health technologies that align with mission-driven improvements to care and the wider communities served by Vermont’s largest healthcare system.  As an academic, Dr. Jones has taught health economics at the University of Vermont for many years, where he co-invented a system called trUStr.US to nudge improvements in adherence. Educated at the University of Michigan (BSc ’99) and University of Oxford (MSc ’00; DPhil ’06), Dr. Jones worked for 5 years in the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in London where he served as health economist for the Royal Institute of Psychiatrists’ National Guideline Development Group, co-authoring economic sections of six national guidelines.  Behavioral economics was the center of his work, but not his perimeter. His doctoral dissertation was the first to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of in vitro fertilization (IVF) at the population level, the presentation of which in Parliament led to national policy changes. His post-doctoral work at Johns Hopkins University was focused on mapping the patient experience. Prior to moving to Vermont in 2011, Dr. Jones worked in industry, most recently as director of global health economics for a publicly traded pharmaceutical firm specializing in rare diseases.