Kimberly Lenz, PharmD (ex-officio)

New England CEPAC Members

Clinical Pharmacy Manager | MassHealth

Kim Lenz is the Clinical Pharmacy Manager for the Office of Clinical Affairs at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In this role, she serves as the Clinical Pharmacy Manager for MassHealth, the Massachusetts Medicaid Program, and is responsible for the development and oversight of clinical initiatives, including the management of Hepatitis C, pediatric behavioral health, opioids and substance use disorder. These activities include formulary development and evidence-based prescribing recommendations, with the goal of producing outcomes that deliver appropriate care while managing rising pharmacy costs.

Dr. Lenz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health in the School of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She also is a lecturer in the Graduate School of Nursing for UMass Medical School. Her areas of professional interest and topics she often presents on at conferences include appropriate opioid prescribing, substance use disorder, transitions of care and a multidisciplinary approach to complex disease states. Dr. Lenz holds a PharmD from the University of Connecticut and completed a residency at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.