Rena Conti, PhD

New England CEPAC Members

Associate Research Director of Biopharma and Public Policy, Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy; Associate Professor, Questrom School of Business | Boston University

Rena M. Conti, PhD is the Associate Research Director of Biopharma & Public Policy for the Boston University Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy, as well as an Associate Professor at the Boston University Questrom School of Business. Previously, she served as Associate Professor of Health Policy and Economics in the Department of Pediatrics, section of hematology/oncology, and the Department of Public Health Studies at the University of Chicago. Dr. Conti is a 2006 graduate of the Harvard University Interfaculty Initiative in health policy and an elected member of the Conference on Research on Income and Wealth. She currently serves on the Government Affairs committee for the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Dr. Conti’s research is on the financing, organization and regulation of medical care. She is an expert on the demand for, supply of and pricing of prescription drugs, particularly those used to treat cancer and other “specialty” conditions.

She has published numerous studies estimating the annual costs of cancer treatments for patients and insurers. She has published several studies on what factors determine the pricing of branded and generic prescription drugs and the intended and unintended consequences of the 340B drug discount program. She is interested in using classic economic theory to guide policy making on the expansion of new drug development and patient access to existing drugs.

She is currently leading several studies to estimate:

  1. the causes and consequences of recent spikes in prescription drug pricing;
  2. the impact of outpatient oncology provider mergers and acquisitions on pricing, spending and quality of cancer treatment;
  3. the depth of “financial toxicity” patients and their families experience in undergoing cancer treatment.