Proven Best Choices®

Helping the Public Select High Value Care

Proven Best Choices® is an initiative to develop and disseminate a series of guides to aid patients and clinicians in making high-value health care choices. The guides, developed by ICER in partnership with Families USA, translate information from ICER’s evidence reviews into a patient-friendly format.

Receiving the Proven Best Choices rating is dependent on two key factors: how well one option works compared to others based on scientific evidence, and how much one choice costs in relation to its long-term benefits. Options receiving this rating are high value choices—those that are proven to work well and offer reasonable benefits in relation to their costs.

These guides are intended to help patients prepare for and engage in meaningful discussions with their doctors about the choices available to them.

Each guide will be reviewed and updated once a year on the anniversary of its initial publication. A committee of independent clinical experts will be formed to review each guide. If there are any major developments in the topic before the scheduled review, updates may be done on an accelerated basis.

Proven Best Choices was developed with lead funding from the Kaiser Permanente National Community Benefit Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation.

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