ICER Senior Management

Steven D. Pearson, MD, MSc


Steven D. Pearson, MD, MSc is the Founder and President of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), an independent non-profit organization that evaluates the evidence on the value of medical tests, treatments, and delivery system innovations to encourage …

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Pamela Bradt, MD, MPH

Chief Scientific Officer

Pam is Chief Scientific Officer at the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. In this capacity, she is responsible for leading the organization’s research enterprise, including systematic evidence reviews and health economic modeling. As a member of ICER’s Senior Management …

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Sarah K. Emond, MPP

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

With nearly 20 years of experience in the business and policy of health care, Sarah leads the strategic planning and operations of ICER as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.  In that role, she is responsible for overseeing ICER’s …

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David Rind, MD, MSc

Chief Medical Officer

David is Chief Medical Officer for the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. In this capacity, David is responsible for leading teams conducting analyses and critical appraisals of medical evidence across a wide range of clinical interventions. David also has …

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Athelia Tilson, BA

Vice President of Development

With more than 20 years of experience in fundraising, Athelia “Tia” Tilson provides strategic vision and direction for ICER’s fundraising and stewardship activities as Vice President of Development. In this role, she leads ICER’s fundraising efforts, enhancing ICER’s visibility and …

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David Whitrap, BA

Vice President of Communications and Outreach

David oversees ICER’s stakeholder outreach and media relations, raising nationwide awareness of ICER’s value assessments and highlighting opportunities for organizations throughout the US health system to deliver broad patient access to sustainable, high-value care. Prior to joining ICER in 2017, …

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ICER Staff

Ellie Adair, MPA

Program Manager

Ellie joined ICER in August of 2018 as Program Manager for ICER’s Midwest CEPAC. Prior to coming to ICER, Ellie was the Director of Membership for the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI), a national health policy think tank …

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Foluso Agboola, MBBS, MPH

Director, Evidence Synthesis

As Director, Evidence Synthesis at ICER, Foluso is responsible for conducting rigorous analyses and critical appraisals of published medical evidence as well as managing the work of other members of the evidence synthesis team. With extensive background in evaluation research …

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Beverly Andrade, MBA

Manager of Operations

As Manager of Operations for ICER, Beverly brings over 15 years of non-profit management experience in a range of health-related areas including: supporting individuals with disabilities through the use of assistive technology, working with cancer patients to ensure access to …

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Holly Andrews, BS

Executive Assistant to the President and Senior Management Team

Holly joined ICER in 2016 as the Executive Assistant to the President and Senior Management Team and provides critical administrative support. Prior to joining ICER, Holly worked in higher education for over 20 years, including 13 years at Boston University in the Dean’s …

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Anita Chan, MST

Finance Director

Anita joined the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review as Finance Director in 2017. In her role, she manages ICER’s financial operations in support of its mission. With over fifteen years of experience in non-profit finance, Anita developed policies and …

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Rick Chapman, PhD, MS

Director of Health Economics

As Director of Health Economics at ICER, Rick directs the development of economic evaluations to accompany rigorous reviews of clinical evidence, assessing the potential costs, cost-effectiveness, and budgetary impact of a wide range of diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic and other clinical …

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Laura Cianciolo, BA

Program Manager

Laura joined the program team at ICER in April 2018, and became the Program Manager for the California Technology Assessment Forum (CTAF) in July 2019. Before joining ICER, Laura was the Executive Assistant at the Vilcek Foundation in New York, …

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Katherine Fazioli, BS

Research Lead, Evidence Synthesis

Katherine joined ICER in 2017 as a research assistant, and became a research lead in 2019. Katherine graduated from Emmanuel College with a Bachelor of Science in Biostatistics and a minor in Economics and has experience working as a Research …

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Noemi Fluetsch, MPH

Research Assistant, Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Noemi joined ICER in 2018. In her role as a research assistant (HEOR), Noemi supports multiple complex projects in coordination with the Director of Evidence Review, Research Lead(s), and Associate Director of Health Economics, including preparing reports and synthesizing analytical …

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Serina Herron-Smith, BA

Research Assistant, Evidence Synthesis

Serina joined ICER as a research assistant in 2018. In this role, Serina uses her background in sociology, research, and economics to support literature reviews and screen studies. Serina graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a degree in …

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Catherine Koola, MPH

Program Manager

Catherine joined ICER in January of 2019 as  Program Manager for ICER’s New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council (CEPAC). Prior to this role, Catherine served as a Product Manager at Affect Mental Health, a Boston-based start-up focused on reducing …

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Varun Kumar, MBBS, MPH, MSc

Associate Director of Health Economics

In his role as Associate Director of Health Economics at ICER, Varun oversees and develops economic evaluations that assess cost-effectiveness, budget impact, and monetary value of a wide range of health technologies, treatments, and interventions in the United States health care …

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Maria M. Lowe, PharmD, BCPS

Director of Pharmaceutical Intelligence

Maria joined ICER as the Director of Pharmaceutical Intelligence in May 2019. In this role, she is responsible for tracking developments in the drug pipeline to advise the ICER team on potential topics of interest. Prior to joining the ICER …

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Priya Ranade, MBA, MPH

Communications Manager

Priya joined ICER in 2019 as a Communications Manager. Prior to this role, she was a Management Consultant for IQVIA Consulting Services, where she focused on developing the brand and commercial strategy for life sciences clients.  Priya also has direct …

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Sumeyye Samur, PhD, MS

Health Economist

Sumeyye joined the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) as a health economist in July 2018. In her role, she develops models that look at the clinical and economic evaluations of the drug and nondrug treatments and interventions in …

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Celia Segel, MPP

Director of Comparative Effectiveness Research Policy Development

Celia serves as the Director of CER Policy Development. In this capacity, Celia supports all ICER Membership activities. Celia joined ICER in Spring 2016, leading the New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council. Prior to her time at ICER, Celia …

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Matt Seidner, BS

Program Director

Matt joined ICER as a Program Coordinator in 2014, and became Program Director in 2018. He provides logistical support to the institute at-large and to the California Technology Assessment Forum, one of ICER’s key initiatives. Before joining the ICER team, …

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Patricia Synnott, MALD, MS

Director, Evidence Review

Patricia joined the research team at ICER in 2014.  As Director, Evidence Review, Patricia conducts and advises on systematic reviews and meta-analyses of the comparative effectiveness of emerging health technologies.  Prior to joining ICER, Patricia was active in the international …

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