2020 Value Assessment Framework


In December 2019, ICER will issue an update to the framework that underpins our evidence reports on new drugs and other health care interventions. ICER’s value framework is the product of more than 10 years’ experience working with all participants in the health care system to develop methods to assess the comparative clinical effectiveness and the comparative value of health care tests, treatments, and delivery system innovations. The current iteration of the framework has guided ICER’s assessments from 2017 to 2019.

To inform the planned update, ICER will open a national call for suggestions on how to improve our value assessment framework. Based on the feedback we receive, we plan to publish draft revisions to our value assessment framework on August 21st, welcome public comment on those proposed revisions through October 18th, and post our final updated framework on December 18th. This final framework will be applied to all assessments initiated in 2020 and beyond.

For questions, please contact Matt Seidner, Program Director, at mseidner@icer-review.org.

ICER is also working on the “Valuing a Cure” initiative:

ICER is simultaneously developing methods adaptations to its value framework to be applied in the assessment of potential cures and other treatments that qualify as “single or short-term transformative therapies,” or SSTs. While these proposals do not fundamentally alter ICER’s approach to value assessment, they are intended to equip decision makers with a more reliable and transparent evaluation of SSTs’ uncertainty, value, and value-based pricing. Please see the site on cures here.

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