Osteoporosis, the weakening of the bones through loss of bone mineral content and a decrease in bone quality, is a common disease of aging that affects approximately 10 million Americans. Approximately half of women and one quarter of men will suffer at least one fracture due to osteoporosis during their lifetimes. Experts estimate that there are approximately two million osteoporotic fractures each year, which results in $19 billion in related costs. By 2025, these figures are predicted to grow to approximately three million fractures and $25 billion in costs annually as the population of older Americans increases.

Interventions of Interest:

  • Abaloparatide (Radius Health, Inc.)
  • Teriparatide (Forteo®, Eli Lilly and Co.)

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Associated Meetings

June 30, 2017

The California Endowment Los Angeles Conference Center
1000 N. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA, 90012

The CTAF Panel will convene to review ICER's report on drug treatments for osteoporosis.

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