Peanut Allergy


ICER will assess the comparative clinical effectiveness and value of treatments for peanut allergy. This evidence review will examine two new technologies to induce immune tolerance — Viaskin® Peanut (DBV Technologies) and AR101 (Aimmune Therapeutics) — as well as non-commercialized oral immunotherapy (OIT). Viaskin® Peanut is currently undergoing FDA review with an approval decision expected in mid-2019, and Aimmune Therapeutics has filed their application with the FDA for approval of AR101, with a decision expected by August 2019. This list is tentative and subject to change.

For questions, please contact Celia Segel, Director of Comparative Effectiveness Research Policy Development, at

Associated Meetings

June 11, 2019 10AM-4PM

California Endowment Oakland Conference Center
2000 Franklin St.
Oakland, CA 94612

CTAF will convene to review ICER's assessment of treatments for peanut allergy.

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